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Re: improving the UX with the default KDE installation

On 30/03/17 10:22:20 CEST, Jimmy Johnson wrote:
> I won't use dolphin unless I'm forced to use it and konq-plugins is a
> needed package for konqueror.

But if we focus on a setup suitable for the general public, I think dolphin is 
good as file manager and well integrated. Instead konqueror (and therefore 
konq-plugins), as stated in previous messages, is obsolete and not well 
maintained upstream and thus it should at most be suggested but not 

On 31/03/17 01:41:41 CEST, inkbottle  wrote:
> So let's start with (in) the most simple apparel and add (non mandatory)
> veils on demand, instead of the contrary.
> And try and help the user to fathom what's necessary from what is convenient
> and what is fashionable but somehow superfluous however.

That's a perfect statement.

> >   Depends: dragonplayer                 --> substitute with: vlc
> I use mpv, my dragonplayer is set to dummy [...]
> Anyway, "depend" is too high a constraint for a video player.

Mpv is really popular and I use it too but, still, VLC is possibly the 
preferred choice by the general public, it provides a good user experience 
also for non-techies and it integrates well in the Plasma desktop. 
Furthermore, I would not change the type of dependency in order to assure that 
in a basic setup users have a mean to play videos and music.

> >   Depends: kcalc
> Come on! I've got fingers for that (and even a brain sometimes). And Google,
> via Firefox can do it too.

Hum, however kcalc has advanced features that can be used by students and 
technicians. And, of course, it can be used without an internet connection (:

> >   Depends: khelpcenter
> There is no useful integrated help (to my mind ;-) ); When I want help about
> something: the internet is my friend, and if it's not enough, I come here.
> So "suggest" at most.

Same here but still I think it can be useful somehow. IMHO documentation and 
dedicated help applications must be included in a basic setup to cover any 
possible use case.

> >   Depends: kmail                        --> change to: Suggests
> It has its glitches... But I use it

I use it too and I propose to suggest it, and not recommend it, exactly 
because it has it glitches and many people probably prefer other clients or 
just e-mail web interfaces even when using the Plasma desktop.

> >   Depends: kde-spectacle
> "Depend" is too high: it's not "necessary" in anyway.

I agree, maybe "suggests"?

> >   Depends: kwalletmanager
> I never voluntarily use it; disable it whenever I can. [...]
> Also I've noticed that my WPA password is stored in clear there:
> /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/
> This happened automatically during unofficial (viz. with firmware) netinst.
> I wouldn't recommend kwalletmanager to anybody.

I didn't know that, is there a bug report for it? I have to say that I use it 
just for a couple of things and it proves to be useful some time. But for 
serious things I always suggest pass or keepassx. Nevertheless I have no idea 
if the Plasma desktop can work without it.

> >   Depends: okular
> Even though I'm a fan, depend is a bit too much to my mind.
> I would recommend "recommend" here

Like for the video player, I think users should have a mean to read their 
documents in a basic setup.

> >   Recommends: plasma-nm                 --> change to: Depends
> I don't use it + it must use kwallet; so recommend is enough to my mind

I'm reconsidering this and I agree that "recommends" maybe is enough.

> Then "kde-plasma-desktop"
> Depends: kde-baseapps
> Which in turn [...]

I'll reply in a next mail. Meanwhile I would like to gather the comments and 
firstly draft a bug report for the packages task-kde-desktop and kde-standard 
and then proceed in order.

Thank you!


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