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Re: How do I open a kwallet4 in Stretch?

On Samstag, 26. März 2016 13:10:50 CET Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> Hi Borden,
> On Freitag, 25. März 2016 23:47:37 CET Borden Rhodes wrote:
> > OK, so I stumbled upon https://barlog.rusu.info/valentin/blog/?p=300 ,
> > and comment 6 explains the problem: the whole thing's borked because
> > "something (that i don’t have the time to investigate) has changed in
> > qt5 and the existing kwalletd code, when linked against it, is unable
> > to correctly handle kwl files."
> > 
> > All bugs are shallow in open source, eh, esr?
> > 
> > So, following the process in comment 8, I can tricked kwalletd into
> > running the migration process again, which automatically searches
> > ~/.kde/share/apps/kwallet and ports them into the fancy new KWallet
> > format. OK, so I have my passwords back now. I'll still pay the ransom
> > to get this fixed so that it works as a reasonable person would expect
> > it to. I'm also turning off all password management in Konqueror.
> > 
> > There really should be something in bold lettering in the
> > kwalletmanager5 readme warning people of this. I wasted over 6 hours
> > of my life on this problem and I really, really don't want others
> > wasting their lives like this, too.
> Thats wonderful of you. So *then* walk your talk and contribute.
> Use reportbug and file a debian bug with a proposol of a text.
> Also file a debian bug asking for kwalletmanager4 to be packaged for the
> time being, maybe the Qt/KDE team would do this if given good reasons to
> do.

I leave any bug reporting to you, cause after you spend the time you spent, I 
think you have deeper insight, yet, I wrote to distributions mailing list 
about it:

kwalletmanager5 cannot access kwallet4 kwl files

Feel free to include a link to this in any Debian or upstream bug report you 
like to make.


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