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Critical programs fail to launch

I am experiencing a weird issue on one of my computers, the one that I use the most. Programs okular, k3b, korganizer, fail to launch, there may be others that I have not tested yet. While making a full backup, Clonezilla could not verify the integrity of the images.
I have tested hard drive extensively with smartmontools, no errors.
I have submitted bugs for all these, no response yet.
Above mentioned programs do launch eventually, after several minutes, and throw errors.
The computer is updated on testing.
This is a fast computer, 8-core processor, 32 GB of DDR3 RAM, SSD hard drive. I also have a laptop, same OS, 6-core processor, 16 GB DDR Ram, SSD hard drive. The laptop works satisfactorily, but it is supposed to be a fallback computer. kde-full is installed, desktop has an nvidia card, drivers are updated, kernel modules installed.
I added nvidia to the video group, after my own user.
Still no luck, I am completely baffled by this weird behavior.

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