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Re: possible cause? Re: iceweasel locking up under KDE, fine under Xfce

Arthur Marsh wrote on 16/01/16 02:29:
Carsten Pfeiffer wrote on 16/01/16 00:09:
On Friday 15 January 2016 23:00:13 Arthur Marsh wrote:

Is there any documentation on what configuration file(s) kwin_x11 uses?

You can try starting kwin with strace, like this (when it's not
running at the

strace -f -e open kwin_x11 2>&1 | grep config

Kudos to your persistence in finding the root cause of the bug!

There are still issues, when I was running through all the tests with moving configuration files out of the way and back again, the underlying libraries stayed the same.

What I've encountered is that the lock-ups are related to upgrades of underlying libraries. I use prelink after each upgrade of packages, and on re-reading the kdeinit5 manual page today, discovered the KDE_IS_PRELINKED environmental variable, which I've now set in the lxdm start-up script's call to start lxdm and run up iceweasel successfully under KDE plasma since then.


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