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Re: Status of the kdepim package?

On 28/11/12 03:21, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
Am Montag, 26. November 2012 schrieb Julian:
On 25/11/12 12:00, David Smith wrote:
On Nov 25, 2012 12:51 AM, "Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer"

Control: tag -1 upstream


the bug you reported is a KDE bug. Please report it via
Help ->  Report bug... menu item of the respective application
or by visiting https<https://bugs.kde.org/>://
<https://bugs.kde.org/>  and following instructions

to report a new bug.
Hello,  I've tried forwarding a bug related to kmail in Debian Wheezy
to upstream using this method and it was rejected because upstream
said this version of kmail is no longer maintained. Do you know if
upstream might have made a mistake here or are kmail bugs in Wheezy
really unforwardable to upstream?  ...or perhaps the above method of
reporting the bug for KDE upstream is putting the wrong version?

My bug report about a crash in Wheezy's kmail is here:

My debian bug report is here:

upstream closes this bug as unmaintained and won't look at it. The
bts tracker then marks it as fixed upstream. Which I think might
cause any kmail bugs, including rather important ones, to fall off
the radar.

Thanks for your time.
Hi, I'm not an official maintainer of the debian packages or
kdepim/akonadi libraries and applications with dependencies on such.
I will say this.  I'm a big fan of KDE.  Since KDE4 I've been using
Not sure of the status of the kdepim debian package, still appears to
be stuck at
4.4.x on all suites.
Perhaps someone official would like to comment?
Please look in the mailing list archives.

Last official status was, thats its KDEPIM 4.4.x for Wheezy. Debian Qt/KDE
developers also shared their reasoning for this decision.

I am not aware of any official released KDEPIM 2 packages for Debian in any
suite, not even in http://qt-kde.debian.net

I think for stable it at least would need to be KDEPIM from KDE SC 4.9.3
as thats there first version search and filters seem to work nicely (most of
the time). Possibly even 4.10 to catch further improvements to Nepomuk and
how Akonadi accesses it.

And then this would need to be tested for quite a while.

While I´d really appreciate testing packages for KDEPIM 2 I understand
that they add additionally work for maintaining them in parallel. I
remember some mentioning of new packages with KDE SC 4.10 and intent to
skip 4.9 due to man power reasons here on this list.

So please consult archives. AFAIR its all there.

I'm sure there is some reasoning from way back, but its pretty obvious
to me that kdepim/kmail/akonadi was a fail for squeeze and other
However upstream kdepim and kde in general is moving ahead and you
mention that they are skipping 4.9 altogether.

I'm quite aware of the bugs with this package so I wonder if keeping
kdepim down @ 4.4.x everywhere is the best plan, particularly if
the problem is that there isn't much to test.

My biased against kdepim/akonadi/kmail is based purely on my
experience with the squeeze 4.4.7 release. People mention
a better experience with wheezy (4.4.11), if kdepim 4.4.x is
not good enough for stable (squeeze) I really hope its good
enough for wheezy.

If upstream kicks it back down with "unsupported" Then maybe debian
should do the same.


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