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Status of the kdepim package?

On 25/11/12 12:00, David Smith wrote:

On Nov 25, 2012 12:51 AM, "Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer" <perezmeyer <mailto:perezmeyer@gmail.com>@ <mailto:perezmeyer@gmail.com>gmail.com <mailto:perezmeyer@gmail.com>> wrote:
> Control: tag -1 upstream
> thanks
> Hello,
> the bug you reported is a KDE bug. Please report it via
> Help -> Report bug... menu item of the respective application
> or by visiting https <https://bugs.kde.org/>:// <https://bugs.kde.org/>bugs.kde.org <https://bugs.kde.org/>/ <https://bugs.kde.org/> and following instructions
> to report a new bug.

Hello, I've tried forwarding a bug related to kmail in Debian Wheezy to upstream using this method and it was rejected because upstream said this version of kmail is no longer maintained. Do you know if upstream might have made a mistake here or are kmail bugs in Wheezy really unforwardable to upstream? ...or perhaps the above method of reporting the bug for KDE upstream is putting the wrong version?

My bug report about a crash in Wheezy's kmail is here:

My debian bug report is here:

upstream closes this bug as unmaintained and won't look at it. The bts tracker then marks it as fixed upstream. Which I think might cause any kmail bugs, including rather important ones, to fall off the radar.

Thanks for your time.

Hi, I'm not an official maintainer of the debian packages or kdepim/akonadi libraries and applications with dependencies on such. I will say this. I'm a big fan of KDE. Since KDE4 I've been using iceweasel. Not sure of the status of the kdepim debian package, still appears to be stuck at
4.4.x on all suites.
Perhaps someone official would like to comment?

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