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Re: How to rescue a screwed up install of KDE on wheezy

Scott Ferguson <prettyfly.productions@gmail.com> writes:


> rcconf!?

Yes, rcconf, not `recconfg' as you say further down

> OK - that explains a bit.... you have Fluxbox/Blackbox/Fvwm, GNOME,
> *and* now KDE installed (that's a lot of desktop environments) - and
> you've customized the start up services.

I actually uninstalled fvwm some time ago, you might notice the 
  dpkg --get-selections shows it:

  fvwm                                            deinstall
  fvwm-crystal                                    deinstall

fvwm-crytal, although well hyped by some... really sucked.

> But - if you removed gdm3 from the startup process using rcconfg - how
> come you login using it?
> Without asking a lot more information it's hard (for me) to give a
> simple fix....

Thankfully as it happens all yours and Victors help has finally
brought the desired result.  This morning on bootup the kde greeter
has finally appeared.  And I've successfully logged into a full kde

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Victor Nitu <victor@debian-linux.ro> writes:


>>> It was a gnome gui login.
> OK, let's take it slowly.
> When you're at the login prompt, whatever it may be, ctrl+alt+f1 and
> from the tty login as root.
> $ invoke-rc.d gdm3 stop
> That should really stop gdm3 if removal from startup was unsuccessful.
> After this step, you may try, as Scott said:
> $ /etc/init.d/kdm start
> From this point on, I can only wait for your reply.


As you see above It all seems to be working on this mornings' bootup. 
Apparently just diabling gdm3 was sufficient after all.

I have successfully logged into a full KDE desktop environment.

Many thanks for your kind help.

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Scott Ferguson <prettyfly.productions@gmail.com> writes:


> Not sure what you mean by "here" - I'm assuming you mean gmane? (I don't
> use it - I have email).
> Have a look and see what posts have been recieved:-
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-kde/2011/10/threads.html

I mean here on my newsreader view.  And yes gmane.  With emacs/gnus
The posts appeared a short time after I mentioned it.

Thank you for all your good help, even though you were made to chase
the story line across several threads and newsgroups.  Very much
appreciated here.

The whole purpose of getting into a kde desktop was to try the
`zooming' thing you mentioned in an earlier thread, where one is able
to zoom into the screen with the effect of having a panning desktop as
the result.  

I've only just started looking around but I haven't run across
anything that I recognized as being related to that.  I expected to
find it in some kind of screen or display dialog. I was asked to set
my preferred screen size but the top size was the same we've known
right along.  1440x900

When ever you get back online and have the time, I'd like for you to
explain how to do the `Zooming' you spook of in:

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| Subject: Re: `Xorg -configure' failure
| Date: Sat, 08 Oct 2011 12:52:24 +1100
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I haven't seen anything I recognized as being related to that yet, but
of course have just started looking around.

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