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Re: How to rescue a screwed up install of KDE on wheezy

On 10/10/11 14:04, Harry Putnam wrote:
So far having just 1 would not have been so smart.  Ditto for .xinitrc

dpkg-reconfigure kdm now done (on reboot I see no improvment)  I
logged in as different user so .xinitrc should not have been a factor.

It was a gnome gui login. 
OK, let's take it slowly.
When you're at the login prompt, whatever it may be, ctrl+alt+f1 and from the tty login as root.
$ invoke-rc.d gdm3 stop

That should really stop gdm3 if removal from startup was unsuccessful.
After this step, you may try, as Scott said:
$ /etc/init.d/kdm start

From this point on, I can only wait for your reply.

If by any means you are still taken to gdm login, which would be fabulous, please tell if you have the possibility to select the desired session on that screen. What happens if you choose various options, is the KDE thing the only one unable to start properly?

Are there any errors in your logs?

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