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Re: kde menu: How to restore/manipulate?

Am Sunday 06 March 2011 schrieb Brad Alexander:
> Okay, I got some feedback from the kde guys on irc. Apparently, the
> menu system is several hundred files scattered all over the
> filesystem, though user-specific settings are in ~/.local and
> ~/.config. The best way to "fix" it is to use kmenuedit. In my case,
> this will probably be a couple of hours of work...Apparently, even
> though the menus are "wrong," kde does not see them as "broken."

Has the crossover installation ran with root privileges? If not, the 
changes it made should be restricted to somewhere in the home directory? 
Then you could just undo the changes by removing or better renaming parts 
of ~/.local or ~/.config unless you did other big changes.

How about .local/share/applications or .config/menus/applications-
kmenuedit.menu? Maybe thats also somewhere documented on 
http://userbase.kde.org oder http://freedesktop.org?

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