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Re: Upgrading to squeeze

Am Montag 15 November 2010 schrieb Edson Marquezani Filho:
> Particurlaly, I preffer to reinstall my whole system when a new
> release comes out, once Debian isn't, strictly speaking, a
> roling-distro yet ( altough it could be used almost it actualy would
> be ). But, an upgrade should be always possible without major issues,
> I guess.

I upgraded three boxes, and this worked quite nice, but only one of them 
was a Lenny-Squeeze-Update, the other where a mix of 
squeeze/sid/experimental already. I even let KDE 4 read and change my old 
KDE 3 settings - after a backup. I just reseted some KDE mostly appearance 
related settings to the default, since some defaults from KDE 3 didn't 
match an optimal KDE 4 experience. I also changed directory mime type to 
open with Dolphin instead of Konqueror.

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