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Re: Upgrading to squeeze

> In others boxes, I have though many times to reinstall the whole system,
> because kde4. So, my question are about the upgrading. Do you have some plan
> to test an upgrade to Squeeze? do you recommend to reinstall all? or/
> uninstall kde and after upgrade?
> Best regards,
> Leo

The latest release news on debian-devel-announce[1] encourages
everyone who can do it, to help on testing upgrade cases, and
reporting found bugs, like those you are telling us. Maybe you could
help this way.

Particurlaly, I preffer to reinstall my whole system when a new
release comes out, once Debian isn't, strictly speaking, a
roling-distro yet ( altough it could be used almost it actualy would
be ). But, an upgrade should be always possible without major issues,
I guess.

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2010/11/msg00006.html

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