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Upgrading to squeeze


I hope that soon Squeeze will be released. I'm a fit afraid because I have 
found that in all the boxes that I have upgraded from lenny to squeeze, kde 
have not been working perfectly.

The issues are not "critical" issues, but they are the classical stupid things 
that destroy the hard word done before. The migration software, just works.

What kind of issues? where I asked before in the list. For example, in all the 
boxes that I have upgraded the lock out/poweroff icon have disappeared. 

Also, the poweroff, from the desktop doesn't work very well, and many times I 
must poweroff invoking it in the konsole. And, in general, the feeling that 
it doesn't work so well. The same box, upgrading from zero, works quiet well.

In others boxes, I have though many times to reinstall the whole system, 
because kde4. So, my question are about the upgrading. Do you have some plan 
to test an upgrade to Squeeze? do you recommend to reinstall all? or/ 
uninstall kde and after upgrade?

Best regards,


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