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[news] Koffice Development To Be Forked

I'm sure the Debian KDE devs will already be in the loop, but it was
news to me when I just found out, and I see no mention of it on this
list, so just for the archives (and anyone else who hasn't yet heard) :

It appears that months of disagreements among the Koffice devs over
development goals have concluded with an agreement to fork Koffice, or
more specifically Kword.

One fork will focus on achieving ever greater compatibility with
Micro$oft Word and MS document formats, and also on reliability as
opposed to new features, while the other fork will focus more on
longterm goals of new and more interesting features and modes of
operation, which will necessarily imply divergence from compatibility
with M$ Office.

At least that's the way _I_ read it.  If I have misunderstood then
clarification will be gratefully received.

It's sad to see dismantling of development efforts in this way, but I
guess it also holds out greater promise for a suitable FOSS office
option for those striving to break away from the Redmond Empire, while
at the same time allowing the development of a Better Way [TM].

Personally I'm still a slave to Redmond for my Office needs, but my
experience with OpenOffice and Koffice has been that while Koffice
crashed and burned fairly often, it was so much faster than OpenOffice
and M$ Office, and nice to use too, that I can hardly wait for stability :)

"And now back to your usual programmes ..."

Nick Boyce
"... it is not fear that grips him, only restlessness.
A heightened sense of things." ~~ 300

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