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Re: Squeeze KDE unusable: no taskbar or decorations, missing shortcut key

> Στις Δευτέρα 14 Ιουνίου 2010 02:31:45 Martin Ågren γράψατε:
>> After a recent upgrade of squeeze -- but I have also been removing
>> some packages since my last working reboot -- I no longer have a
>> usable installation of kde. I get a very basic plasma desktop with the
>> calculator and dictionary (as configured by me) apart from the
>> "Desktop Folder". No window decorations on the "Desktop Folder", no
>> taskbar, no anything. Just a white background and these three windows.

On 14 June 2010 01:48, John Varouhakis <johnvarouhakis@gmail.com> wrote:
> I had the same problem on my testing/unstable installation and I solved
> it when I realised that kdelibs5 had not been updated (in my case it was held
> back by kdelibs5-dbg, so upgrading these two simultaneously from unstable,
> solved my problem).

Hmm, I have indeed solved it by running "aptitude update && aptitude
safe-upgrade" which brought in a slew of libkde* stuff and more. I
attempted this while debugging previously, but I guess the mirror
syncs were far apart enough for me to get caught in between.

All in all, another problem that patience would have solved. ;)

Thanks John, and thanks also Jedd and Tao for your input!


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