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Re: Squeeze KDE unusable: no taskbar or decorations, missing shortcut key


$ aptitude install plasma-desktop

and see if the panel comes back.

additionally, backup you ~/.kde folder and remove it to make sure
whether this problem was caused by broken config files.


On Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 7:31 AM, Martin Ågren <martin.agren@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi!
> After a recent upgrade of squeeze -- but I have also been removing
> some packages since my last working reboot -- I no longer have a
> usable installation of kde. I get a very basic plasma desktop with the
> calculator and dictionary (as configured by me) apart from the
> "Desktop Folder". No window decorations on the "Desktop Folder", no
> taskbar, no anything. Just a white background and these three windows.
> Some applications, notably Amarok and the network manager, seem to
> start but they do not show anywhere (as the taskbar is indeed gone).
> Going Alt+F2 -> "System Activity" and right-clicking e.g., amarok and
> selecting "Show Application Window" doesn't do anything. (I admit I
> don't know if it's supposed to. :) )
> By pressing Meta+O, I can trigger Amarok's On-Screen Display, but
> similarly, Meta+K does not start an instance of Konsole, as I have it
> configured to.
> I have moved my ~/.kde/ aside and logged in, but it basically just
> leads to the same non-usable situation (of course, with default
> appearances, e.g., no calculator+dictionary configuration). I have
> tried installing kde-full, thinking that there might be some missing
> dependency, but that didn't improve anything as far as I could see.
> plasma-desktop is running and killing it makes everything pure
> black...
> I would really appreciate any pointers as to what could be the
> problem. I don't really know which information to provide in order to
> bring more light on this, and would be glad to provide anything deemed
> interesting.
> Take care,
> Martin
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