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Squeeze KDE unusable: no taskbar or decorations, missing shortcut key


After a recent upgrade of squeeze -- but I have also been removing
some packages since my last working reboot -- I no longer have a
usable installation of kde. I get a very basic plasma desktop with the
calculator and dictionary (as configured by me) apart from the
"Desktop Folder". No window decorations on the "Desktop Folder", no
taskbar, no anything. Just a white background and these three windows.

Some applications, notably Amarok and the network manager, seem to
start but they do not show anywhere (as the taskbar is indeed gone).
Going Alt+F2 -> "System Activity" and right-clicking e.g., amarok and
selecting "Show Application Window" doesn't do anything. (I admit I
don't know if it's supposed to. :) )

By pressing Meta+O, I can trigger Amarok's On-Screen Display, but
similarly, Meta+K does not start an instance of Konsole, as I have it
configured to.

I have moved my ~/.kde/ aside and logged in, but it basically just
leads to the same non-usable situation (of course, with default
appearances, e.g., no calculator+dictionary configuration). I have
tried installing kde-full, thinking that there might be some missing
dependency, but that didn't improve anything as far as I could see.
plasma-desktop is running and killing it makes everything pure

I would really appreciate any pointers as to what could be the
problem. I don't really know which information to provide in order to
bring more light on this, and would be glad to provide anything deemed

Take care,

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