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Re: Kde 3.5 ...

On Thu May 6 2010 12:02:05 Dotan Cohen wrote:
> Do you customarily read the complete email headers of those whom
> with which you correspond?

Email headers are not relevant to most discussions, therefore no.

My point is that many KDE developers and packagers do not use KDE
like real-world users, and therefore do not appreciate the concerns
of real-world KDE users.

The whole semantic desktop idea is a bad joke in the real MULTI-USER
world.  If semantics are to have any value they must evolve on the
server from all the members of the workgroup, not an isolated user.
The semantic desktop was fifty years out of date before the first line
of code was written.  It's sole achievement is draining laptop batteries.

We've had more than two years of being told "KDE SC 4 is good enough".

It is not.

--Mike Bird

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