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Re: KDE 4.4.3 in unstable

* On 2010 06 May 07:27 -0500, Frederik Schwarzer wrote:
> [Nate Bargmann - Donnerstag 06 Mai 2010 13:28:23] 
> > * On 2010 06 May 02:13 -0500, Diederik de Haas wrote:
> > > I don't get what you're trying to accomplish.
> > > 
> > > On 2010-05-05 Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
> > > > In 4.4, kmail depends on mysql-server in order to send mail. (kmail ->
> > > > Akonadi  -> mysql-server).
> > > 
> > > So you don't like the dependency to Akonadi? Too bad.
> > 
> > Regardless the rationale, this seems to be an attitude that has become
> > very pervasive among KDE developers with the advent of KDE4 and it has
> > me looking seriously at the alternatives.  I no longer recommend KDE to
> > other users due to the "my way or the highway" attitude I've encountered
> > since running KDE 4.2 over a year ago and encountering various issues.
> I certainly understand both sides here. The hardest break for KDE 4 was/is
> probably the social provocation it induced.
> For over a year, the developers that were working hard on getting things
> fixed did hear a lot of "you are stupid", "you do not listen to users"
> and "give me kicker back" comments. It's not just the developers to blame
> if they do not have the patience to answer every "akonady sucks" comment
> with proper reasoning.

During that time, I gave the devs the benefit of the doubt understanding
the new directions they were taking and buying the hype that things would
be improved.  After a a year of use of KDE4, I disagree that much is
improved for *me*.  I'm fine with the devs doing whatever they want with
the codebase--it's theirs after all--but when I as a simple user feel
left behind at the station then I must consider the alternatives.

It's not just the multitude of server processes that KDE4 seems to
insist on running, but the lost functionality.  To wit, I participated
in an open bug on Konsole where the KDE4 version no longer generates the
PC speaker style beep.  I understand that to many the beep is annoying
but I've heard it for so long that I now rely on it for efficient use of
the terminal.  The dev's reply was essentially, "Too bad."  Still, I'm
not alone in regretting this small loss of functionality.  After all,
the code for the beep had to actively been removed in the newer versions
of Konsole but as a Konsole user, I was never asked in any way how this
decision would affect me.  "Too bad."

Along the same lines, I cannot be convinced that Device Notifier is a
suitable replacement for the similar functionality in KDE 3.5.  Other
tasks that I found easy in 3.5 are now cumbersome at best *for me* in
KDE4.  Now that my system is poised to update to KDE 4.4, I think this
is where I'll get off the train and let KDE go where it wants and I
shall go elsewhere.

Thanks for the fish.

- Nate >> 


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