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Re: Kde 3.5 ...

> However, while I agree KDE4 has taken a newer direction and is slower, one can
> configure it to work more like the old favorite. Your desktop and be the
> desktop folder "containment" and then work from there.

KDE 4.4 is lighter than KDE 3.5 was, even with desktop effects
enabled. The only time you will see it appear that KDE 4 is "heavy" is
if you are loading the Qt3 libraries in addition to the Qt4 libraries,
for instance by using KDE3 applications. I understand that some people
still need Quanta or the old Kdevelop, but if you are not using KDE 3
applications (and therefore loading Qt3 libraries) then Qt4 is lighter
than Qt3 was.

> Or try one of the lighter-weight alternatives.

The issue applies to the alternatives as well, unless you can find a
Qt3 alternative. Gnome and XFCE are both GTK.

Dotan Cohen


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