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Re: KDE Issues under "Squeeze"

Adrian von Bidder wrote, on 25/04/10 23:22:

On Sunday 25 April 2010 05.49:44 lrhorer wrote:
KDE is much more stable, but still has problems.


Using KDE 4 for months now; currently 4.4 from experimental.  If that's
what'll end up in squeeze I wouldn't say "it has problems" in general.  KDE
certainly is far from bug-free, but it's very usable as an everyday desktop.
( Sune&  Co: you can consider this a general reportbug --kudos :-)

lrhorer: I recommend you update to the packages that are currently in
experimental and check if the problems are still there.  I'm sure bug
reports are welcome.  If you can be bothered to do the necessary work and
separately report packaging issues to the Debian bts and KDE 4.4 issues to
the KDE bug reporting sysstem, then all the better..

-- vbi

Agreed, but where do I file a bug in Debian to say that instructions on how to report a bug upstream and how to mark the bug originally reported in Debian has been forwarded upstream are lacking?

I've just attempted to do this with icedove ( http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=579095 ) but how does one do this for the general case?

I found the instructions on marking a Debian bug as forwarded upstream not via the Debian wiki or any package's instructions on reporting bugs with packages upstream, but by a Google search which lead to:

Many packages do *not* list the upstream site for the package or how to report bugs upstream anywhere within /usr/share/doc/<package-name> but ideally they should be listed:

- in the manual page for the programs/configuration files for that package

- in /usr/share/doc/<package-name>

and in the reportbug script for that package.

I do appreciate all the work of the Debian developers/packagers/release people, but please help "fill in the gaps" or "connect the dots" on how to go about reporting bugs that may affect both Debian users and the upstream package.


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