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KDE Issues under "Squeeze"

        I have tried twice, now, to build Debian "Squeeze" systems employing
KDE4, and both have had similar problems.  I tried on an old Dell GX250
mini-desktop system back in December, but KDE was so unstable I finally
had to remove it - it kept locking up the PC completely. Once the
system was up and running, I converted it to headless and disabled the
GUI altogether, as it is being remotely managed over a slow internet
link.  A few days ago, however, I came up with a new project which does
require a GUI, so I installed "Squeeze" on this box, as well.  It has
an Asus M4A785-M motherboard running on a 3 GHz AMD Athlon 64 x 2
procesor.  KDE is much more stable, but still has problems.

        First of all, Akonadi will not run, but I also can't seem to get rid of
it.  Is there a way to keep KDE, yet get rid of Akonadi?  If not, I'll
post the logs and backtraces.

        Secondly, KPackage is badly broken.  It only shows a handful of
applications installed or available.  Synaptic or aptitude show
thousands available and hundreds installed, of course.  What's more, I
no longer see how one can manage the sources in the new KDE4 KPackage. 
In KDE3, one could not only easily manage the apt sources from inside
the app, but also RPM repositories.  Now I don't see how to manage the
apt sources (I can manually edit /etc/apt/sources.list, of course) or
how to manage rpm sources, at all.

        Finally, the wallpaper for KDM isn't working.  Even though I select a
particular wallpaper for the greeter, it doesn't properly display.  The
whole background comes up as gray.  If I open one of the greeter
windows and then dismiss it, the area behind the window updates with
the picture, but the rest remains gray.  When the greeter window
disappears aftere login, the wallpaper is displayed behind its window
for a moment, as well.  This is the case whether logging in  from the
console or via XDMCP.

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