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Re: KDE Issues under "Squeeze"

On 2010-04-25, lrhorer <lrhorer@satx.rr.com> wrote:
>         First of all, Akonadi will not run, but I also can't seem to get rid of
> it.  Is there a way to keep KDE, yet get rid of Akonadi?  If not, I'll
> post the logs and backtraces.

No. there is no way to keep all of KDE and get rid of akonadi. It is a
essential part of kdepim.

>         Secondly, KPackage is badly broken.  It only shows a handful of
> applications installed or available.  Synaptic or aptitude show
> thousands available and hundreds installed, of course.  What's more, I
> no longer see how one can manage the sources in the new KDE4 KPackage. 

KPackage is being removed very soon and is already gone in experimental.


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