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Re: KDE4 with 1 GB RAM ?

On Monday 15 February 2010 00:15:37 Modestas Vainius wrote:
> Hello,
> On sekmadienis 14 Vasaris 2010 23:47:08 Attila wrote:
> > Dne neděle 14 Únor 2010 Modestas Vainius napsal(a):
> > > What's xserver-xorg-core version and what does
> > >
> > > # pmap -d `pidof X`
> > >
> > > say when swapping starts?
> >
> > My xserver-xorg-core is somewhat outdated (1.4.2-10), because I've had
> > some serious problems with the new intel drivers so I decided to stick
> > with what works for a while.  Do you think an upgrade might help?
> > I haven't tried the latest intel drivers in a while, so I'll give it a
> > shot soon.
> That's your problem. xserver-xorg 1.7.x has fixed huge memory leaks for me
>  and a couple of other users. Now Xorg does not get past 50-60 MB (40 MB on
>  average) mark after weeks of uptime while it used to consume up to 400 MB
>  or more just in a couple of days before.
Hello there. Here the xorg process consumes much more memory. I am currently 
using the radeonhd driver on a Radeon Mobility HD 4570. Desktop effects are 
enabled. Memory starts from 70MB but can reach 200MB or more. With radeon 
driver xorg consumes even more memory. The biggest problem is the cpu. Xorg 
uses too much the cpu so the fan is always on. I didn't have this problem with 
the fglrx driver.


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