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Re: KDE4 with 1 GB RAM ?


On sekmadienis 14 Vasaris 2010 23:47:08 Attila wrote:
> Dne neděle 14 Únor 2010 Modestas Vainius napsal(a):
> > What's xserver-xorg-core version and what does
> >
> > # pmap -d `pidof X`
> >
> > say when swapping starts?
> My xserver-xorg-core is somewhat outdated (1.4.2-10), because I've had
> some serious problems with the new intel drivers so I decided to stick
> with what works for a while.  Do you think an upgrade might help?
> I haven't tried the latest intel drivers in a while, so I'll give it a
> shot soon.

That's your problem. xserver-xorg 1.7.x has fixed huge memory leaks for me and 
a couple of other users. Now Xorg does not get past 50-60 MB (40 MB on 
average) mark after weeks of uptime while it used to consume up to 400 MB or 
more just in a couple of days before.

Modestas Vainius <modestas@vainius.eu>

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