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Re: KDE4 with 1 GB RAM ?

On Sunday 14 February 2010 21:47:08 Attila wrote:
> My xserver-xorg-core is somewhat outdated (1.4.2-10), because I've had 
> some serious problems with the new intel drivers so I decided to stick 
> with what works for a while.  Do you think an upgrade might help?  

 I'm using current intel drivers (well, current = Debian unstable) on
 two MSI Wind netbooks, and they don't seem to be the cause of any
 instability.  These are 2GB RAM machines, though, so not hugely
 helpful here insofar as memory comparisons.

 FWIW I *suspect* that the number of virtual desktops plays a
 non-trivial role.  I find that xorg regularly takes up half a GB,
 sometimes much more, if I've been running for a while.  This is
 on a machine with 6 virtual desktops.  Perhaps dropping down by
 a few virtual desktops and see if there's any noticeable difference?


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