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Re: KDE Support in Debian

El Martes 10 Noviembre 2009 14:28:04 Scott escribió:
> 	My question here is KDE well documented and stable on Debian?  I
> understand that Gnome is also the default desktop for Debian, but is KDE
> well supported?

KDE 4 is very stable on Debian, as stable as KDE is at this moment... But think that Debian is not *buntu and they don't have dozens of people working full time on the distro, so some things -packaging very new stuff, for example- work a bit slower than in other distros with "professional" mantainers like *buntu, Suse, Fedora, etc. So if you switch be patient and don't get frustrated.
On the other hand, even if Kubuntu is more or less as fast packaging new KDE releases and stuff as Suse, the results... well... maybe I've had bad luck when trying it, but it behaved rather disastrously and I rapidly rebooted to my safe Debian home. So if you can deal with some delays I think you will be very satisfied with Debian.

About support, my impression is that, regarding to mail lists, Debian's one isn't as centralized as Kubuntu-users list, where you can ask for help independently of the software that causes you problems; so even if you ask in any of the general debian-user lists is rather probable that you won't get a satisfying response or even no response at all, and you will have to look for a more specific list.
It's a bit "balls breaker" but nobody said Debian were perfect, ;p.


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