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Re: KDE Support in Debian

--- El mar, 10/11/09, Manolete, ese artista... <variosinftk@gmail.com> escribió:

> De: Manolete, ese artista... <variosinftk@gmail.com>
> Asunto: Re: KDE Support in Debian
> Para: debian-kde@lists.debian.org
> Fecha: martes, 10 de noviembre, 2009 19:46
> El Martes 10 Noviembre 2009 14:28:04 Scott escribió:
> > 
> >     My question here is KDE well
> documented and stable on Debian?  I
> > understand that Gnome is also the default desktop for
> Debian, but is KDE
> > well supported?
> > 

Sorry, sent it to a personal mail address...

I would say yes. In the official stable Debian release the kde desktop is the solid rock kde 3.5.9 If you do not care to loose a little bit of stability you can try Debian testing with kde 4.3 at the moment. I would say that it is as stable as kde is now.

Precisely I switched to Debian because I fell that, for most packages, the packaging policy really cares about releasing quality software instead of the newest still broken packages. Both approaches are needed, solid rock software for production environments but also brand new software that allows people to experiment and collaborate finding bugs. You just have to look for your equilibrium.

I am personaly very happy with the debian kde package team.

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