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Re: KDE Support in Debian


Le mardi 10 novembre 2009 17:58:19, Scott a écrit :
> I tried looking for a KDE Testing CD for i386 and I could not find any.
>   Actually, I can not find any i386 Testing CD's or DVD's on debian.org.
>   Haves testing drop 32bit support?

testing is not dropping i386 support at all, but weekly testing snapshot CDs 
are not always on sync. The recommended way to install testing is using the 
netinstall CD :

> I tried a net install downloaded using Unetbootin, but there was no
> option to install KDE.  I could only select desktop which would install
> Gnome.  Should I install the standard system only then install KDE using
> Apt-get?

Unfortunately, debian-installer installs GNOME by default and doesn't offer an 
easy way to install KDE. If you are comfortable with apt-get, you should 
install the base system without a graphical environment, then `apt-get install 
xorg kde4-full` to install KDE and Xorg.

Xavier Vello

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