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Re: KDE Support in Debian

On 11/10/09, Scott <sclewin@sgaming.ca> wrote:
> Hi,
> 	I have been contemplating the idea of switching from Ubuntu to Debian.
>   Even though I like KDE better I use Gnome on Ubuntu.  The reason why I
> use Ubuntu (With Gnome) and not Kubuntu (With KDE) is that I don't like
> how it is more difficult to find help specific to Kubuntu and also
> because Kubuntu is simply not as well put together as Ubuntu.  There is
> simply much more development and documentation specific to Gnome in Ubuntu.

I have been wanting to take a look at 9.10, but being a KDE user, I
have heard rumblings on the Interwebs that Kubuntu had the type of
problems to which you are eluding to in this post.

Have you tried apt-getting kubuntu-desktop on your Ubuntu install? Or
is it the same packages that you would get using kubuntu?

> 	My question here is KDE well documented and stable on Debian?  I
> understand that Gnome is also the default desktop for Debian, but is KDE
> well supported?

I don't know what you mean by well-supported. I have been running it
for about 6 years, supporting kde3 on my family's machines and kde4 +
compiz on mine. When I have problems (which is rare), I either post
here, or I go to kde.org.


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