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Re: KDE Support in Debian

Am Dienstag, 10. November 2009 16:11:33 schrieb Scott:
> tv.debian@googlemail.com wrote:
> > I share your feelings regarding Kubuntu, I use kde4 on Debian Squeeze
> > (current Testing) on my two home machines
> Testing is what I am thinking about trying out as I like having newer
> software and don't mind the odd problem or bug.

you could also have a look at sidux on http://sidux.com
We use unstable as our base repo and our main desktop  environment is KDE4

> > For me Squeeze is working
> > fine, you have to be willing to file a few bug reports once in a while,
> I have no problem filing bug reports, I have already done that several
> times on Ubuntu.  I like adding my fair share by helping with bug testing.

Ferdi Thommes
sidux e.V.

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