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Re: Taskmanager widget crashes X

On Wednesday 14 October 2009, jedd wrote:
>  Hi Michael,
>  I'm also using closed-source custom-compiled (or linked) nVidia
>  drivers on my 2.6.30 kernel (also custom-compiled) with almost
>  solely unstable (a couple of experimental packages).
>  I've seen X being far more stable than previously - say in the past
>  two or three months, I've had very few crashes, perhaps two.  Prior
>  to that I was seeing a lot more, not sure if that was X, KDE 4.2 or
>  a combination.
>  Given you're using a panel on the top of the screen, which is
>  likely not where most people run it, would you be able to try it
>  at the bottom edge of the screen for a while and see if the problem
>  continues?

I'm using panels at both edges. Pager and Taskmanager at the top edge, 
K menu, system tray etc. at the bottom.

>  I'm using NVIDIA-Linux-x86-185.18.36-pkg1.run - I'm guessing
>  you're on that version too?

Ah, yes, I'm using an older version (180.44-2) of the nvidia driver and 
kernel 2.6.29. When I last tried, a few months ago, more recent 
combinations of driver and kernel resulted in "drop outs", very short 
flickering to a black screen. I'll have to try the current kernel with 
current driver.


Michael Schuerig

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