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Re: KDE 4 simply broken


On 2009 m. May 15 d., Friday 12:04:27 Marcus Better wrote:
> IMHO kmail is unusable due to this and other problems (just check the bug
> trackers), and what's more it has been this way for *years*. Data loss,
> crashes, connection problems, you name it. (I've used it for nearly a
> decade with many different accounts and systems.)
Plain wrong. Even your statements "kmail is unusable" and "I've used it for 
nearly a decade" are contradicting. If you keep using "imho unusable" client, 
it is your problem.

> I think it should be kept out of testing, and would file RC bugs if I
> didn't suspect the maintainers would reject them. Yes they are all upstream
> issues, but that doesn't mean Debian has to release the pile of junk. Might
> even help upstream to draw some conclusions.
It is perfectly usable, I have also used it for 6 years (POP3 and IMAP), lost 
a few mails. Yes, it does crash sometimes, it does have connection problems on 
unreliable connections, but come on, it is a pretty nice mail client, 
restarting it usually solves most issues. If you hate kmail, switch to 
something else. Plain simple.

Modestas Vainius <modestas@vainius.eu>

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