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Re: KDE 4 simply broken

My 2-cents

Konqueror, whether using its native routines or webkit, has serious problems. 
Whole-screen operation is somewhat better but scrolling on a page is 
unpredictable and often unusable.

KMail has (nothing new here) threading problems, will easily crash when 
moving/deleting message while a view is being stuffed (the user doesn't know 
when it is safe...). If the network connection is down, kmail slows 
considerably, even when not pop3ing messages--for what does it need the 
network when not downloading or displaying content?

Kaboom did very partial job of converting for one use, failed entirely with no 
recourse on another.

KDE4 (again, nothing new here) gingerly ingnores the file permissions that I 
as "administrator" wish to set up. This makes sharing if files between users 
nigh-impossible and can cripple it on startup by making that darned 
.ICEauthority inaccesible!

Plasma, as of now, is quite stable but will crash out occasionally when 
tweaking applets and such. The option to use the old desktop folder--intuitive 
"containment" is there (crashed when I tried to use it and this is what kaboom 
should set up as a default, telling the user that there is an alternative!). 
If the folder-view applet could be used better (filter/criteria) to dedicate 
part of the screen for the "old" way enabling plasma's capabilities for the 
rest, this would be ideal. Plasma is at its infancy and holds tremendous 
potential as an versatile and innovative desktop platform!

KDE4 is very slow when in starts. The problem is all those background 
processes, akonadi, nepomuk and such. I have a startup script to renice them 
which is a great improvement, ionice might be even better. User has little 
control over how many of these for each "resource" get created. After all this 
stuff has quieted down (resync'ed?), then KDE4 runs just fine!

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