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Re: Publishing own packages for KDE 4.2.3

In <[🔎] 200905122235.23540.debian@eikel.org>, Benjamin Eikel wrote:
>this is my first post to this list. I am just building my own amd64 .deb
>packages for KDE 4.2.3, because I read that it will take some time until
> there will be official packages in unstable.

Odd, I thought I was already running KDE 4.2.3 from unstable...  I could be 
quite wrong though.  I remember KDE from unstable requiring libqt4-4.5 
recently, which made me have to upgrade lots of packages. :(

> I downloaded the sources
> from kde.org and checked out the debian/ subdirectory with the control
> files for the 4.2.3 packages from the pkg-kde Debian Subversion
> repository.
>My question is if I am allowed to upload the resulting packages somewhere
> and make them available to other people?

debian/copyright should let you know what licenses the package (both source 
code and packaging commands) is under.  Those licenses will dictate what 
restrictions there are on derivative works.

However, since kde in is "main", you can/may use, modify, and distribute 
both the work itself and derivative works, although there may be minor 

I think the most "onerous" restriction would be that the source needs to be 
available from the "same location" as the binaries you produce (or other, 
more demanding options.)
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