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Re: Publishing own packages for KDE 4.2.3


On 2009 m. May 12 d., Tuesday 23:35:23 Benjamin Eikel wrote:
> My question is if I am allowed to upload the resulting packages somewhere
> and make them available to other people?
It's open source, you are allowed to do that by definition. But:

1) put appropriate disclaimers on your site that people do not confuse 
packages with official ones and versionize them below 4:4.2.3-1 like 
4:4.2.3-0whateveryouwant1 or 4:4.2.3-1~whateveryouwant1
2) you will need hosting with much bandwidth to spare
3) you must be ready to support users of your packages (one way or another, 
under your terms of course).

Testing migration saga will take at least another week so if you think it is 
worth to publish your packages, feel free.

Modestas Vainius <modestas@vainius.eu>

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