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Re: replacement for kpdf for kde 4.X?

El Domingo, 8 de Febrero de 2009, Arthur Marsh escribió:
> Thanks, but I'm talking about a file that is already saved to a local
> disk, albeit on fat-32. With kpdf it takes 15 seconds to open the file
> open dialogue on one large directory, but okular takes over 40 seconds
> on the same directory, even if I had previously done a file open in
> okular on the same directory.
> I like a file open dialogue to read the *names* of files and directories
> first, and let the user pick a file or directory without first insisting
> on reading the beginning of each file to determine the file type.

As you can see in the bug report, the bug report has been reassigned to 
kdelibs, because Okular just calls a dialog which is implemented in kdelibs, 
not in Okular itself.

And BTW, you said in your original message "Okular (at least the version in 
unstable) is *way* too slow compared with kpdf", and then you wrote about 
loading. That's why I understood general slowness, not slowness with a file 

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