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Re: replacement for kpdf for kde 4.X?

Alejandro Exojo wrote, on 09/02/09 01:22:
El Domingo, 8 de Febrero de 2009, Arthur Marsh escribió:
Anyway, I was lead to believe that kde 4.X would not be slower than kde

You are comparing Okular with KDPF, aren't you? This doesn't have to do with comparing KDE 3.5 with KDE 4.x. Okular started with the KPDF codebase, but it's really different in many ways. For example, Okular uses libpoppler to render PDFs, but KPDF uses xpdf.

What is the best way to achieve a fast, fully-documented pdf reader for
kde 3.5.X under Debian?

That depends on what you mean with "for KDE 3.5.x". If you mean a PDF reader done with KDE 3 libraries, then it's KPDF. However, I strongly recommend Okular, as it's a better application in general. Even if it uses KDE 4 libraries, it's perfectly usable on a KDE 3 desktop. I've been using it since a _lot_ time ago, and to me it's perfectly stable. Although I understand that if you found one important PDF for you that makes Okular choke, then you will have a bad impression.

I suggest that you use Okular, and report bugs that you find. Also note that the PDF you linked to is badly served (blame Microsoft's IIS), since it says "Content-Type: .PDF", instead of application/pdf.

Thanks, but I'm talking about a file that is already saved to a local disk, albeit on fat-32. With kpdf it takes 15 seconds to open the file open dialogue on one large directory, but okular takes over 40 seconds on the same directory, even if I had previously done a file open in okular on the same directory.

I like a file open dialogue to read the *names* of files and directories first, and let the user pick a file or directory without first insisting on reading the beginning of each file to determine the file type.



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