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Re: FW: Re: kde 4.2 beta showstoppers?


pirmadienis 22 Gruodis 2008, andy@bourges.de rašė:
> After installation finished, I restarted my laptop and logged into kde 4.2.
> First thing I noticed - my complete settings were gone (might be due to 4.2
> using ~/.kde whereas 4.1 is using ~/.kde4 ??).
No, KDE 4.2 is using ~/.kde4

> So I decided to copy the
> configuration files from my ~/.kde4 to the ~/.kde directory. Panel settings
> didn't reappear and most of my mail setup is gone. The bad thing about it -
> I cannot reconfigure kmail for my account settings (I'm usually using ~ 5
> different accounts). But whenever I create a new account and press "save",
> nothing happens. The only joice I have is to press "cancel" which
> reproducable crashes kmail ("*** KMail got signal 6").
Start with a clean ~/.kde4 and copy config files which you need from the old 

> So currently I'm using a web-mailer to write to the list ;-) I know, that
> this is not the place for reporting bugs for 4.2, but any hint on
> re-activating kmail would be great (as I mentioned before - this is the
> most important application for me ;-)).
If you start with a clean ~/.kde4, you should be able to reconfigure kmail 
redoing your settings. Importing mails might more demanding and complicated 
task (check ~/Mail or ~/.kde4/share/apps/kmail/).

> Besides that - I still have a lot of problems customizing 4.2 (widgets are
> not added to panels, ...) but that's currently not too important for me.
Again, something is badly screwed in your config. The easiest way is to start 
fresh. However, if you still face similar problems with fresh ~/.kde4, check 
your installation.

Modestas Vainius <modestas@vainius.eu>

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