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Re: Small issues with powerdevil

Monday 22 December 2008 skrev Modestas Vainius:
> Hello,
> pirmadienis 22 Gruodis 2008, Christian Surlykke rašė:
> > - Even though I have configured it to do so, powerdevil doesn't suspend
> > my laptop (dell inspiron 1525) to ram when closing the lid. It shows a
> > notification that it is going to suspend, so the 'lid closed' event is
> > recognized, but the suspend never happens.
> # Does s2ram work when you run it from console? If not, that might be a
> reason for powerdevil (hal?) failing to suspend to ram.
Hmm. It needs the '-f' switch. However, If I clik the sleep button on the battery monitor widget, it suspends allright. And it worked in kpowersave.
> > - I have configured that pressing the power button, should bring up the
> > logout dialog, but what happens is an imediate shutdown.
> Debian specific, edit /etc/acpi/events/powerbtn and disable event.
Thanks. That fixed the powerbutton issue.

br. Chr.

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