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Re: FW: Re: kde 4.2 beta showstoppers?


...didn't have time during christmas, but now I tried again ;-)

On Monday 22 December 2008 21:32:00 Modestas Vainius wrote:
> No, KDE 4.2 is using ~/.kde4

ah, ok - got a bit confused ;-)

> Start with a clean ~/.kde4 and copy config files which you need from the
> old .kde4.

...that worked - thanks for the hint.

> > Besides that - I still have a lot of problems customizing 4.2 (widgets
> > are not added to panels, ...) but that's currently not too important for
> > me.
> Again, something is badly screwed in your config. The easiest way is to
> start fresh. However, if you still face similar problems with fresh
> ~/.kde4, check your installation.

hmmm - I still encounter those effects from time to time. This might be, 
because I'm often switching between dual-head and singel-display setup ?

Anyway - looks stable at least for the last few days.

The only error I received upon kde login:

"A Fatal Error Occurred
The application Akonadi Resource (akonadi_ical_resource) crashed and caused 
the signal 11 (SIGSEGV).
Please help us improve the software you use by filing a report at 
http://bugs.kde.org. Useful details include how to reproduce the error, 
documents that were loaded, etc."

Sounds bad, but my appointments in calendar are visible? So should I just 
ignore that error?

thanks and regards,

P.S.: so far, the 4.2 beta images look far better than 4.1.3 - thanks for 
making them available!!! Even with the proprietary nvidia drivers, composite 
effects seem to run far better than before...

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