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FW: Re: kde 4.2 beta showstoppers?


...ok - I've been brave this afternoon, but seems like I got bad luck :(

During dist-upgrade I got the already mentioned conflicting icon files for koffice (I'm using sid with some experimental packages like kde-4.1...). Anyway - that was not the problem.

After installation finished, I restarted my laptop and logged into kde 4.2. First thing I noticed - my complete settings were gone (might be due to 4.2 using ~/.kde whereas 4.1 is using ~/.kde4 ??). So I decided to copy the configuration files from my ~/.kde4 to the ~/.kde directory. Panel settings didn't reappear and most of my mail setup is gone. The bad thing about it - I cannot reconfigure kmail for my account settings (I'm usually using ~ 5 different accounts). But whenever I create a new account and press "save", nothing happens. The only joice I have is to press "cancel" which reproducable crashes kmail ("*** KMail got signal 6").

So currently I'm using a web-mailer to write to the list ;-) I know, that this is not the place for reporting bugs for 4.2, but any hint on re-activating kmail would be great (as I mentioned before - this is the most important application for me ;-)).

Besides that - I still have a lot of problems customizing 4.2 (widgets are not added to panels, ...) but that's currently not too important for me.

Thanks for any help,



>On Monday 22 December 2008, Xavier Vello wrote:
>> Hello
>> > I'm willing to give the 4.2 beta packages a try - as long as my
>> > fundamental application is still working (kmail).
>> > What are the experiences? Does kmail run without problems and what is the
>> > state of akonadi? Is it save to use?
>> KMail is rock solid here (with pop accounts), and with a lovely new folder
>> view. It still doesn't use akonadi for email storage.
>> Only apps using akonadi are kabc and korganiser, data is migrated
>> automaticaly on first start (keeping the old format as a backup).
>There have been some issues with the Akonadi compatibility plugins, e.g. a 
>freeze like situation when adding an email address as a new contact into the 
>addressbook (hopefully fixed that one yesterday).
>Obviously we appreciate any form of testing in that area since so much depends 
>on the actual setup used and users usage patterns.
>However, if one rather wants to beta test other areas of KDE, resource 
>automigration can be disabled [1]
>And just to avoid misunderstandings: the change is how the data is accessed by 
>applications, not how it is stored on disk.
>A vcard file will still remain a vcard file even if used by a native Akonadi 
>storage agent (called Akoandi VCard Resource)

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