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Re: Upgrade was mostly fine, but a few problems left

On Sat, Aug 02, 2008 at 12:42:07PM +0200, Christoph Burgmer wrote:

> - How can I switch my desktops using the keyboard? Ctrl+Tab doesn't do it 
> anymore.

Systemsettings -> Keyboard & Mouse -> Keyboard and mouse
Check Walk through desktops at Kwin.

> - Wasn't there meant to be a general Plasma key stroke to get all the 
> Containments and Widgets into the foreground?

I have a plasmoid/widget for that called "Show Dashboard".

> - Are the nice app switching effects implemented in 4.1? It doesn't look like 
> the screenshots I've seen.

Depends on the effects you activate. I found out that the effect are
only working if "Show window list while switching windows" on the Focus
tab of Window Behavior is turned ON. If OFF it ignores the effect

About the slow scrolling, i have the same problem, but mostly in non KDE
programs like Iceweasel/Firefox.


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