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Re: HOWTO: disable wallpaper images in Konqueror filemanager windows globally

Am Sonntag 27 Mai 2007 schrieb Modestas Vainius:
> Hi,
> 2007 m. May 27 d., Sunday, Martin Steigerwald rašė:
> > Is there actually somewhere a GUI based config option for that? I did
> > not found anything. If not, I think I will file a bug report about
> > that. Well maybe I really just missed it, but I think this should not
> > be hidden that well.
> Konqueror -> View -> Configure Background...
> Changes background settings for ALL folders (at least in my case)

Hello Modestas,

hmmm, that was what I tried initially. 

I tried again. It works differently here. Before using it when Konqueror 
displays ~ I have no setting in ~/.directory and my hand-edited default 
setting in ~/.kde/share/config/konquerorrc

martin@shambala:~> grep Bg ~/.directory
martin@shambala:~#1> grep Bg ~/.kde/share/config/konquerorrc

Now after trying out "View / Configure background" (Its 
Ansicht /Hintergrundfarbe festlegen... in german) and selecting the image 
bluemorning, I get:

martin@shambala:~> grep Bg ~/.directory
martin@shambala:~> grep Bg ~/.kde/share/config/konquerorrc

And Konqueror only changed the setting for ~, not for any other 
directories. The global setting in konquerorrc is unchanged.

Actually I think that is how this menu entry is supposed to work. But then 
where do I set the global default? If there is no way to set it, I think 
it makes sense when I open a bug report about it. If there is a way to 
set it, I would like to know how.

Martin 'Helios' Steigerwald - http://www.Lichtvoll.de
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