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Re: HOWTO: disable wallpaper images in Konqueror filemanager windows globally

El Domingo, 27 de Mayo de 2007, Martin Steigerwald escribió:
> Is there actually somewhere a GUI based config option for that? I did not
> found anything. If not, I think I will file a bug report about that. Well
> maybe I really just missed it, but I think this should not be hidden that
> well.

Something similar happened to me, but with a different setting. When I change 
the view mode, like icon view to detailed view, it's only stored 
in .directory files in the exact place where konqueror is browsing. And it 
really annoys me. :-(

I hate that Konqueror creates files where I don't want to, and I feel shocked 
when I want to browse a tree of directories, the view changes automatically 
when I display a directory, because one month ago I changed the view in that 

It's quite confusing seeing that setting go A and then B just for changing the 
current directory.

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