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Re: Very slow "Open with..." in KMail

Dnia niedziela, 30 października 2005 21:37, Rigo Wenning napisał:
> I have exactly the same behavior here on latest sid. But the start of
> this behavior is older as far as I remember. I'm not sure, but I think
> it was already present in 3.3.2.
> If I just click on the attachment and open with the offered application,
> there is no delay. But open-with in general got slow. I haven't tried
> to make a new user and to test this with a clean .kde. That would be
> the next step to do IMHO
> Best,
> Rigo

Thank you for your answer.
Have you got any idea how to debug this behaviour?
I have tried to:
1. Clean up my e-mails. I have copied them, then deleted from kmail. I have 
thought that it helped, but now must say it didn't.
2. Created a brand new user, then sent him an e-mail with attachment. In his 
case the delay may be also observed, but it is shorter than in my case (about 
2-3 seconds).

I think it is somehow connected to copying the file to temporary directory. 
But don't understand why it takes so long. And still search for a tool to 
debug this.


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