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Re: Very slow "Open with..." in KMail

I have exactly the same behavior here on latest sid. But the start of 
this behavior is older as far as I remember. I'm not sure, but I think 
it was already present in 3.3.2. 

If I just click on the attachment and open with the offered application, 
there is no delay. But open-with in general got slow. I haven't tried 
to make a new user and to test this with a clean .kde. That would be 
the next step to do IMHO



Am Friday 28 October 2005 23:49 verlautbarte Robert Gomułka :
> Hello,
> Sometimes I get attachments in KMail. I click right mouse button on
> them and select open with... from context menu. And here my problem
> appears - I have to wait for 3-60 (approximately) seconds before
> dialog box with programs to choose will appear on the screen. It is
> always reproducible. It depends somehow on size of the attachment
> (the bigger one, the longer I have to wait).

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