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Very slow "Open with..." in KMail

I have used KDE for a long time. And for a few months I have a problem which I 
don't know how to cope with.
Sometimes I get attachments in KMail. I click right mouse button on them and 
select open with... from context menu. And here my problem appears - I have 
to wait for 3-60 (approximately) seconds before dialog box with programs to 
choose will appear on the screen. It is always reproducible. It depends 
somehow on size of the attachment (the bigger one, the longer I have to 
It is at least irritating to me. I have observed it in at least all 3.4.x KDE 
versions (currently 3.4.3 Debian packages).
I have tried to run strace on kmail, but even with -f switch (follow forks) 
times reported by the tool were bizarre (less than a second, when I had 10 
seconds delay).
I have tried to search the google, without any results.
How can I do something with the problem?

Best regards,

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