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Killfile with knode


I've some rather annoying problem with knode on my sarge box. I'm following 
some rather polluted newsgroups and I'm trying to filter some junk. So far so 
good. I'm able to value posts by CTRL+L, and I'm able to remove posts 
selected by a given value.
However, I'm not able to filter threads. By that, I'm getting all these, don't 
feed trolls, you are some mindless jerk, etc. mails, as replies to filtered 
Thus I read through the docs and found out, that I can filter whole threads 
instead of single posts, by modifying my filter and I did so.
But for some reason I don't understand, filtering whole threads doesn't work. 
No single disappears, when I active the filter - even mails filtered before 
are still there.
What did I do wrong?
Thanks in advance

Keep smiling

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