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Re: shrink-to-fit in kprinter or kghostview?

On Sunday 23 October 2005 12:43 am, Alex Nordstrom wrote:

> Sounds like it might be PA4 (210 * 280 mm, known as "universal" in tools
> like htmldoc), which is designed to fit on either standard A4 or US

I think it's just done for A4 in such a way that the bits that get left off on 
US sized paper are non-essential, actually, now that you mention it.  I have 
indeed printed lots of "universal" sized documents without issue, and that's 
obviously not what this is, in spite of the claims made by the place where I 
bought these.  (Or my misunderstanding of what they actually said.  Not sure, 
and it doesn't really matter at this point.)

> I'm not sure about the KDE utilities, but pdftops (note that this is
> different and generally superior to pdf2ps) of the xpdf-utils package
> allows you to specify height and width values so that you can choose
> ones that are within the range of what your printer can handle. Its
> default behaviour is to scale the page accordingly rather than to crop.

Whatever does the trick, and that did.  I'll just run all of these files 
through that and carry on my merry way.  It worked perfectly, thanks!  

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