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Re: Some question about KDE in debian in the future

[CCing debian-kde so people are aware of this issue's status]

On October 22, 2005 10:47, Yves Glodt wrote:
> When KDE 3.5 will land in sid, will it this time be compiled with
> hidden symbols (-fvisibility), or is it still considered unstable?

Unfortunately, -fvisibility is still too buggy. The main issues are:


Once these are fixed, and a compiler with those fixes is deployed in Debian, 
then we can take a closer look at enabling -fvisibility. Unfortunately, 
this doesn't seem likely before GCC 4.1, and even that might not have all 
the fixes we need.

The few distros that currently enable -fvisibility are patching GCC 
themselves, and Debian doesn't usually carry major third-party patches for 
this sort of issue in a key component (patches like that are often rather 
dodgy, not to mention hard to support).

We'd all very much like to enable this feature, rest assured - but not 
before it's truly ready.

Christopher Martin

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